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The Basis & AI Tinkerers Prompt Olympics

This event happened in the past.
Thursday, June 20th
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This event happened in the past.

Are you ready to play?

For one night only, join Basis and AI Tinkerers for the Prompt Olympics. As LLMs get deployed to more mission-critical, production use-cases, prompting is becoming an invaluable skill. We’re here to crown the first champion of the Prompt Olympics.

Please note this is not a meetup, this is the Prompt Olympics, we are gathering to participate in the challenges.


First place will receive $5,000 USD.

All competitors will receive $500 of Modal credits.


Dinner and drinks to kick off the night

​​🤺 Prompt engineering tournament

​​🗣 Networking

How will we play?

This event will consist of four challenges as well as two 5 minute LLM demos from the teams at Modal and Retool

Opening Challenge

Competitors start with a basic task that entails basic prompt crafting abilities. A real-time scoreboard will display the top-50 leaderboard as 200 competitors aim to qualify for challenge two.

Challenges Two & Three

These rounds increase in complexity. Participants will need to think hard and experiment with various prompt engineering techniques.

These rounds are designed to highlight the most skilled competitors and bring us to our finale.


The finale features a dramatic, secret challenge. We will release more info about the finale leading up to the Olympics. The competitor who stays alive the longest, wins.

Scores are displayed live on-screen throughout the event.

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